The Monster Guide
How to beat those tough monsters

The Wizard's Handbook
The guide to stuff you didn't know about spells

The Word Guide
What's a THAC0? Find out here

FAQ Page
Really frequently asked questions about the game

tories, poems and miscellaneous writings about BG, D&D or fantasy

Throne Of Bhaal
List some changes and new features added in with the installation of ToB

Deck Of Many Things
Describes the many abilities and text when your character uses the deck

Characters pictures, desktop pictures and some funny screenshots

Proper Character Usage
Think Haer'Dalis sucks? Read this page

Some of the glitches which are funny (And exploitative) and some tricks to use

Cheats/CLUA Commands
Do not use anything here unless you've beaten the game or need to fix a glitch

Mystic Item Forge
Custom items created by me and others

Mods/Game Additions/Portraits/Sound Sets/Downloads
Additional romances, editors, mods, sound sets and other downloads

Mod Reviews
Reviews of the various characters/mods available by me and other fans

ToB Character Endings
The endings for each character when you beat ToB

Bonus Merchants
Get those spiffy lil items included in the Collector's Edition of BG2

PlanetBaldur's Gate Forum
The best BG2 forum there is...Fast response and whip arse peoples

Other noteworthy BG2 and ToB related websites

@ Two new custom items as requested

@ Mod links added

@ Those Who Harp by Slide. A new fanfic

@ How to defeat Yaga-Shura in two rounds

@ Tooth And Nail complementary Short Swords from Dan Ferry

@ Mods page updated with a few more links

@ Two custom swords from Loké

@ Mystic Item Forge: Section for custom items

@ Character Usage: Nalia and Valygar (Corrected a few things. Thanks Enquillion)

@ FAQ page updated with a bunch of new questions

@ Custom items in the Mods Section thanks to Sanjuro~

@ Huge fanfic by Nesthya

@ Custom Items thanks to Mhydrian

The website is constantly getting updates (Sometimes teeny but nevertheless, updates) so keep coming back for more info.

If you think I'm wrong about something or have something to add then e-mail it to me and I'll have a lookie at it. I know a lot about this game but not everything.