Deck Of Many Things
This page shows and describes the many things the Deck Of Many Things can do. You can get the deck by beating Aesgareth in Watcher's Keep in Throne of Bhaal. You get to draw from the deck three times then it will dissapear. This page is complete and will probably not be updated anymore.


Jester: User gets 50 000 XP
The plaque depicts a strange scene of a smiling man hung upside down by one foot. Oddly, the card gives you a good feeling, almost a need to laugh. It is labeled 'JESTER'.

Visier: User gets temporary Mantle
The card has hushed sense about it, showing a wisened old man in a cowl. His eyes lock onto yours and you know immediately that he possesses great secrets. The card is labeled 'VISIER'.

Moon: User gets +10 to HP
The card shows an achingly beautiful woman half-hidden by a lantern held in front of her as she moves through the darkness. The night sky behind her is bright and vividly red. A label below reads 'MOON'.

Ruin: Party loses all money
A striking scene of a bolt of blue lightning striking and destroying a tall tower covers the plaque. From the tower, a horrified man falls to his death. The card is clearly labeled 'RUIN'.

Star: User gets +1 to Prime Stat
A scene of a young woman emerging
from a still pond greets you, the woman is smiling gently and the night sky so real and vast it startles you. The card is labeled 'STAR'. (Side Note: Fighter/Barbarian/Ranger/Paladin gets Strength, Mage/Sorcerer gets intelligence, Bard/Thief gets Dexterity and Cleric/Druid/Monk gets Wisdom)

Fool: User's Wisdom is set to 3 and becomes confused
The card's scene shows a young man admiring the sky as he obliviously walks towards a sharp precipice. The card is labeled 'FOOL'. (Side Note: Dispel works on the Confusion and Remove Curse works for restoring Wisdom)

Comet: User gets +5% to Fire Resistance
You are startled as the picture of a blazing, fiery rock seems to leap out at you from the card, its golden trail leading deep within the black background. The card is labeled 'COMET'.

Rogue: User is Dire Charmed and attacks party members
The card is blood red, practically dripping with venom, and shows a smiling man stabbing another in the back with a sharp blade. The card is labeled 'ROGUE'.

Sun: Party gets 300 000 XP
The card is bright and immediately makes you smile, depicitng a cherubic boy sitting atop a white horse with the sun shining brilliantly in the sky behind them. The card is clearly labeled 'SUN'.

Skull: Party fights a Death Shade
The picture of a bone-white skull immediately greets you. As if animate, the skull grins and fills you with fear. The card is labeled 'SKULL'. (Side Note: Thing looks like a Bone Golem and will only attack the deck user. It's also 100% magic resistant).

Erinyes: User gets +1 to all his/her abilities (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis and Cha) temporarily
Three women hold a single thread between them, all looking at you askance. One is young and beautiful, another middle-aged and matronly, the third a crone. The card is labeled 'ERINYES'.

Void: User Disintegrates
The entire card is black as midnight, with a depth that seems to suddenly reaches out for you. You cannot see the word anywhere upon it, but you know the card's name...'VOID'. (Side Note: Character can save vs death against this)

Euryale: User saving throws lowered by one
The visage of a medusa upon this card seems almost alive, her gaze boring into you as her snakes writhe. The card is labeled 'ERUYALE'. (Side Note: Remove Curse dispels this)

Magician: User is temporarily turned into a rabbit
A single man is depicted on the card, seemingly young and intelligent. One hand points to the sky, the other to the earth, an old sign for transformation. The card is labeled 'MAGICIAN'. (Either wait or use Remove Curse to remove effect)

Throne: Party gains 1 000 000 XP
The card depicts a man seated upon an iron throne, his countenance commanding and regal both. For a moment, you are sure the figure nods to you solemnly. The card is labeled 'THRONE'.

Flames: Party fights Fire Elementals and a Balor
The card's depiction of fire seems almost to flicker and writhe, laced with anger, jealousy and envy. Written in charcoal-black is the card's title: 'FLAMES'.

Gem: User gets a Diamond, a Rogue Stone, a King's Tear, a Star Sapphire and an Emerald
The plaque depicts a clear sense of a smiling man holding a diamond up to the light. The diamond is vividly real and seems to glitter with its own magic. The card is labeled 'DIAMOND'.

Knight: Party fights Demon Knights
Amidst the runes on this card, a warrior with a black suit of plate armor stares malevolently out at you. The card is labeled 'KNIGHT'.

Donjon: User is Imprisoned
The plaque depicts a scene filled with black runes and what appears to be a man screaming in terror in of a cage. It is clearly labeled 'DONJON' (Side Note: User can save vs death against this)

Talons: Power Word: Blind centered on user
The card shows a wicked, smiling woman with bright eyes who reaches out to you with a withered hand annoited with sharp, gleaming nails. It is labeled 'TALONS' (Side Note: Remove Curse to remove effect)

Key: Party gets Ring of Protection +3 (+3 to AC, +3 to Saving Throws)
The card depicts a great holy man in rich robes, with the penitent bowing before him. In his hands, he holds aloft a great, golden key. The card is labeled 'KEY'