Here are some other noteworthy websites related to BG2 and ToB


The official website of BG2 and ToB with a lotta stuff including the official patches for the games.

PlanetBaldursGate BG2 Forum
The fastest BG2 forum online. And you'll also find yours truly there.

PlanetBaldursGate ToB Forum
PBG gave ToB its own forum. Still the fastest.

Maker of ShadowKeeper, GateKeeper and DaleKeeper...All nicely made game editors you can mess around (And cheat) with.

Baldurdash by MrKevvy
Contains many fixes, patches, tweaks and some strategies for SoA and ToB...Very nice website but recommended for those who've played through the game at least once.

Baldur's Gate 2 @ GameBanshee
This site is an excellent source for information. It contains strategy guides, walkthroughs, item locations, details about class and race, a section detailing stats about various shapeshifts and much more.

This website has a bunch of unofficial editors for sound, monsters, characters, items and spells. There is stuff like a Nalia romance add-in and Infinity Engine Editor Standard. Fun to play around with (But beat the game at least once). The tools page is here

This website has a bunch of things related to AD&D as well as many walkthroughs, portraits, sound sets, maps and much more for BG2

Kirith Portrait Gallery
This is a very good site for portraits which can be used as avatars/pictures for your characters. It has many portraits for different classes and races.

Lady Nightshade's Custom Portraits
Her gallery is back with the huge set of portraits for every race and class we've come to like.

Kary's Gaming Page
This site has a bunch of stuff relating to medeval things. It's also has a portrait gallery with sensual/somewhat erotic pics of different male and female characters for BG.

Servants Of The Shard
This page has a bunch of mods such as Freedom's Reign as well as seperate downloads for creatures, items and stores. Very nice design also.

B20's BG2 & ToB Links Central
This website contains a comprehensive, organized set links to BG2 and ToB material. Visit this website or the PBG forums if you can't find the info you're looking for.

From PBG's DiabloRex, this website has a few items and some characters to try out. He even has the rusty spoon.

Sabre's Baldur's Gate Customizations
This website has some mini-mods and a nice set of balanced custom items for all of the BG series games. Most noticeable is the multi stronghold mod which lets characters manage all the strongholds in the game simultaneously.

NetScuantary (D'Raavhen's Tower)
This is a site specifically for custom items people have submitted. There is a huge list of items for BG1: TOTSC, Icewind Dale and BG II as well as some custom characters and erotic portraits. Some of the items are powergamish (A ring for permanent Absolute Immunity and a ring for unlimited Time Stop...Sheesh) but most of them are balanced.

Kevin's Page Of Custom Items
A new website with custom items submitted by fans

Lora's BGII Website
Contains a low spoiler walkthrough to all the areas in SOA and TOB among other miscellaneous things. There are also walkthroughs for Arcanum, Wizardry 8 and Realms Of Arkania.

What D&D Character Are You?
This is a spiffy test to check what kind of D&D character you are. According to it I'm a Neutral Good Elven Bard Mage (Almost on point but I guess I'm kinda Bardish) who is a follower of Oghma, the god of Knowledge and Invention. My results are here.


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