Here are some fanfics/stories written by me as well as some other up and coming fine authors. The story have a BG background but this is not necessary in order for a story to be featured on this page. General D&D and fantasy works are also welcome as well. If you want your story/essay/poems/writing featured here, then e-mail it to me and I'll post it and give you full credit for your work. I'm working on something which will enable readers to post their comments about the stories. Many thanks to Snook and Enquillion for getting this section started.


Tide Of Destiny by Slide (Coming soon)
Full Work Chapter: 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-86
A Bhaalspawn thief, with only a handful of allies he can trust helping him, sets about to rescue his kidnapped sister - but this is a far different path to the one usually taken...

Those Who Harp by Slide
Set 25 years before Baldur's Gate, Baron Ployer has started trading slaves in Athkatla...and it's up to Harpers Jaheira, Khalid, Belgrade and Gorion to stop him...

Blade by Avi Syn (MysticSyn)
This is basically the story of my Blade going through BG2: SoA. It's like an enhanced journal and my first time writing a story based on BG2. Actually it's my first fanfic also. This is so far from complete but here's a preview.

The Robe Of Venca by miscellaneous authors
These are some hilarious poems about the Robe Of Venca by people from the PBG forums.

Various Poems by Snook The Mighty
These are some poems about various fantasy related ideas and games

The Blinded Soul by Snook The Mighty
A story of perception and moral.

The Inn Of The Lone Rose by Snook The Mighty
A story of a lonely forum member and manifesting him into a fantasy world.

Various Poems by Enquillion
These are poems about spells and other miscellaneous things about BG

The Emperor Of Cheese by Paul Atriedes
A poem about Cloudkill

Worldstone Saga by Shadow Blast
A nicely written story based on Diablo 2

The Assassin Arrives by Nesthya
Very nicely written introduction to Nesthya's character from PBG