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Cheats And CLUA Commands
This page contains ways to cheat and how to use CLUA Commands to cheat. There is also a large list of CLUA commands I've found and have been submitted. I really advise against using this if you haven't beaten the game at least once or have a game glitch you want fixed. You don't want the fun to be spoiled for you, do ya?


In order to make any cheat work, you'll have to enable cheats. Locate the file called Baldur.ini in the directory you installed BG2 and open it with Notepad or another text editor. At the [Program Options] section type "Debug Mode=1" (Without the quotes) in a new line. It should look like this. Run the game and press CTRL and SPACE at the same time. This should bring up a line in which you can type in the commands.

Create Monsters
Keyboard Cheats
Romance Cheats
Misc Cheats
Move To Areas
Machine Of Lum The Mad


If you have a code which is not here, then submit it