Glitches, Bugs and Tricks
Here you'll find some bugs and glitches which can be funny and/or exploitative. I do not encourage you to use these as it won't be very gaming of you. They are just here cause I think they're noteworthy. Some of these may be fixed with the official patches or other patches.


SoA: You can get two Rings of Gaxx by pickpocketing Kangaxx before the fight and then pick up the one after the fight.

SoA: You can get two Ring of the Ram by pickpocketing Tolgerias at the Government building and then picking up the one after fighting him at Lavok's Sphere

SoA/ToB: Cernd can wear the White Dragon Mail (ToB), giving him an AC of -7. Shapeshifters aren't supposed to wear any armor. Oh and he can cast spells in it also (Tempting...But not true role-playing). He also can wear the Shadow Draong and Red Dragon armor in SoA.

SoA: Monks can wear Keldorn's armor. Monks aren't supposed to wear armor and Keldorn's armor is supposed to be for him only.

SoA/ToB: If you turn a Vampire with an evil Cleric (Like Viconia) right after it casts domination, your character will have a dominated icon but will still be green. When the duration runs out the domination will wear off and making the un-dominated character's circle red.

SoA/ToB: Assassins can poison any trap they set. Just choose the skill and then set a trap. This also works with Assassin/Mages with Melf Minute Meteors and Assassin/Cleircs with Sol Searing Orbs and Energy Spheres.

SoA: If you have the Priest spell Heal while you manipulate the sphere prison in the Underdark and release the mad Mage, you'll get the option to heal him. He will give you Albruin +1, a bastard which makes the weilder immune to poison and cast Detect Invisibility once per day.

SoA/ToB: Blades can move around with Defensive Spin with the Ring Of Free Action equipped or with the spell cast on him/her. (Thanks Mordred)