The Monster Guide
Here's a list of some of the harder enemies in the game and how to beat them. I've listed their hit points, resistances, attacks per round and experience points gained for beating them also.
Regular Character        
Greater Wolfwere Vampire Golems Mind Flayer/Illithid Gauth/Beholder/Elder Orb
Empathic Manifestation Fire Giants Drows Pit Fiend  
SoA: Special Character        
Firkragg Thaxll'ssillyia Nizidramanii'yt    
Shade Lich Elemental Lich Kangaxx The Lich Kangaxx The Demi-Lich  
ToB: The Five        
Illasera Yaga-Shura Sendai    
Abazigal Balthazar *Boss Character*    


Greater Wolfwere
HP: 66, MR: 50, Acid: 50, Fire: 50, Cold:50, Electricity: 50, Immune to Normal Weapons. APR:3, Exp: 15000
These beings regenerate extremely quickly so it's imperative to have all your party members focus on them. They are very magic resistant so avoid casting spells.
They are also fast and will damage your character(s) quickly so make sure the armor class of your main fighter is as low as you can possibly get it. If you're having problems, try hasting your characters and/or cast the priest spells Bless and Chant.

HP: 96-110, Cold: 50, Electricity: 50, APR: 2, Exp: 145000
Vampires are undead creatures who can level drain your characters. As in most fight have your fighter pound on them constantly. Most Vampires (Except a few special ones in the game) are not magic resistant so cast away with your mages. To avoid level drain, use the Cleric spell Negative Plane Protection or an item which provides this when equipped. Also, berserked characters (Berserker and Barbarian innate abilities) are immune to level drain.


Golems come in several types. All require magical weapons (+1 or above) to get a successful attack.
Clay Golems require blunt weapons (Hammer, Mace etc.) which are +2 or better.
Adamanite Golems require +4 or better weapons. Also try Melf's Minute Meteors.
Magical Golems require non enchanted (Normal) weapons.
All other golems can be dealt with using from +1 to +3 weapons. All Golems are magic resistant.


Mind Flayer/Illithid
HP: 68, APR: 4, Exp: 9600
These creatures will drain your intelligence by 3 with every melee attack they make. Your character will fall if their intelligence gets all the way down. Some advise to rotate your fighters. For example have Korgan fight until his intelligence reaches about 3 then switch to Minsc and let Korgan back off until the effect wears off. When Minsc is low on intelligence then switch back to Korgan and repeat. If you need more fighters to rotate then try summoning some powerful monsters. Animal Summoning I, II and III are practically useless here. Try an Elemental. Always keep a fighter close to them as they will attack your party with ranged and area magic (Such as Confusion and Domination) if they can't melee anyone. Also avoid using offensive magic as most of them are magic resistant. Another thing: Skeleton Warriors have no brains to be drained so try summoning them (Thanks Phlyst). Also Gate is a good summon because they are immune to Illithid melee attacks and Chaotic Commands will help very nicely (Thanks Malvolio). Also Blade Barrier while you fight will do a good amount of damage to all creatures around you.


Gauth/Beholder/Elder Orb
HP: 56 or 101 or 125 depending on where you find them, APR: 1, Exp: 9000
These floating orbs cast magic incredibly quickly and chances are your *Hasted* character will get attacked about three times before they reach melee range. The best way to deal with them is:
- Have 100% electrical resistance (Rendering all of their spells except Cause Serious Wounds Ranged Version and Hold useless)
- Have 100% magic resistance (Protection from Magic Scrolls from Ribald > Adventurer's Mart > Waukeen's Promenade)
- Wield Shield of Baldurian (Deidre the bonus merchant > Adventurer's Mart > Waukeen's Promenade)
- Have the Cloak of Reflection (Found in Chapter five) which reflects most magical attacks.


Empathic Manifestation
HP: 5, APR: 2
This creature needs to be healed in order for you to defeat it. Any type of cure spell or scroll will work. If you don't have any, there are a few scrolls on the altar which you can cast with your Cleric, Druid or Monk.


Fire Giants
HP: 130, Fire: 110, APR: 2, Exp: 16000
The best way to deal with them is to have a lot of fire protection with items or spells because they deal out a lot of extra fire damage with each hit. They're not very magic resistant so use as many offensive spells as you like. Also try spells like Cone of Cold or items which do cold damage like Ice Star or a Wand of Frost.


HP: 90 MR: 64, APR: 1, Exp: 4000
Found mostly in the Underdark, these Elves have about 60% magic resistance and very low AC so don't use a lot of offensive magic and have some hard hitting fighters or summons.


Pit Fiend
HP: 80, MR: 50, Fire: 100, APR: 5, Exp: 12500
These beings are magic resistant and can cast hold. To avoid this use the Cleric spell Free Action or some other item which provides this when equipped. Keep bowers/sling people far so the hold spell won't affect them. This might seem silly and obvious but try to get your AC as low as you can. Use spells like Defensive Harmony which lowers party member's AC by 2 and is cumulative.


HP: 184, MR: 65, Fire: 100, APR: 3, Exp: 64000
There are many cheap ways to beat a Dragon which I will tell you later. The best way to tackle him is to make sure your front line fighters have very good fire resistance. There are many good fire resistance items in the Windspear Hills dungeon where you find him and you can cast Resist Fire to maximize your fire resistance.
- He cannot hurt a Mordankainen's Sword so if you have this spell just send it in and stand back.
- Also try to cast Chant, Bless and Resist Fear before the fight.
- If your characters are low level try summoning a few Fire Elementals and hasting them and your fighters to help you. They're immune to fire attacks and will not be knocked away by Wing Buffet.
- Start off the battle by having your fighters surround him from all directions.
- Try an Insect Summoning spell. It will really help you out.
- Have a Mage cast Lower Resistance.
- Keep throwing Magic Missiles at him with your Mage characters while your fighters pound on him
- His line of spells are like this: Stoneskin, Dragon Fear, Wing Buffet, Red Dragon Fire, Then he will start attacking and constantly casting Charm Person if no one is near for him to attack. Your hasted characters will get back in his face from the Wing Buffet quickly before he attacks your spell casters.
-After beating him, you'll get Caromsyr +5 (Two Handed Sword for Paladins), Red Dragon Scales (Take to Cromwell for some nice armor) and some treasure.


HP: 160, MR: 60, APR: 3, Exp: 22000
- As in every Dragon fight, try casting Bless, Chant and Resist Fear on your party before attempting to fight him/her.
- He has no elemental resistance so you don't need to limit the types of spells you'll cast.
- Send in your fighters with their normal weapons as well as one normal (Non enchanted) weapon
- A Wand Of Lightning or two has always worked to do a bunch of damage on him.
- You don't really need to cast Lower Resistance but it will be helpful if your party is low level.
- Keeping casting a constant barrage of magic Missiles.
- Cast Slow on him or use an item which causes the effect as it will help you out when he starts attacking.
- His first spell is Protection from Magical Weapons then Wing Buffet and then Shadow Dragon Breath. He will then try casting Greater Malison and Charm Person if your characters are far away or attacking if your characters are close.
- When you beat him, grab the Dragon Scales for some nice Thief armor which Cromwell can make and some other treasure.


HP: 200, MR: 45, Acid: 100, Cold: 20, Electricity: 20, Fire: 20, APR: 4, Exp: 52000
- You don't have to fight this dragon. You can exchange all your items for the item you want from him. You can drop your items on the ground and approach him to get around giving all your items away but this dragon fight is easier than the others so I advise you to fight him.
- As in every Dragon fight, try casting Bless, Chant and Resist Fear on your party before attempting to fight him/her.
- His casting pattern is like this: Stoneskin, Haste, Pierce Magic in the first round then Remove Magic, Dragon Fear, Wing Buffet in the next round. He will then cast Plant Growth (A better version of Entangle), Summon Insects and then attack.
- His magic resistance is very low for a dragon so take advantage of this with wands and damage spells.
- Cast Slow if he's getting too many hits in or use a slowing item
- Free Action will work against getting tangled in the Plant Growth.
- Dispel Magic will remove the Summon Insects spell which is devastating to a party so as soon as the spell hits, have someone Dispel it.
- Beat him and the Goblet and some gems are yours.


Shade lich
HP: 110, MR: Spell Ineffective, APR: 1, Exp: 22000
- He guards one of the pieces of Kangaxx.
- All liches are immune to normal weapons as a standard.
- His casting pattern is like this: Improved Mantle and Mislead in the first round then Fire Shield Red, Globe Of Invulnerability, Chaos and Spell Turning in sequencers in the next round then Time Stop, Symbol: Stun, Symbol: Fear and then he will start casting random spells like Dispel Magic and Domination.
- He's not that hard to beat. If you're afraid of a spell, run while he's casting it (Like Time Stop)...You have room to run.
- If you don't like running, try dispelling the Improved Mantle and True Sight on the Mislead and then start swinging swords.
- You'll disrupt most of his casting and easily beat him.
- Try using weapons like Daystar and the Mace Of Disruption or similar undead fighting items and he should fall quickly.


Elemental Lich
HP: 110, MR: Spell Ineffective, APR: 1, Exp: 22000
- He guards one of the pieces of Kangaxx.
- All liches are immune to normal weapons as a standard.
- He is just like the Shade Lich except he casts different spells
- His casting pattern is like this: Improved Mantle and Mirror Image in the first round then Protection From Fire, Fire Shield Red and Globe Of Invulnerability in sequencers in the next round then Time Stop in which he casts Meteor Swarm, Protection From Evil and Gate. He will then cast Spell Turning, Mislead, Maze and Protection From Magic Weapons in the other rounds.
- If you're afraid of a spell, run while he's casting it (Like Time Stop)...You have room to run.
- If you don't like running, try dispelling the Improved Mantle and True Sight on the Mirror Image and then start swinging swords.
- You'll disrupt most of his casting and easily beat him.
- Try using weapons like Daystar and the Mace Of Disruption or similar undead fighting items and he should fall quickly.


Kangaxx The Lich
HP: 126, MR: Spell Ineffective, APR: 1, Exp: 22000
- Use the two parts from the Shade Lich and Elemental Lich to bring forth Kangaxx.
- All liches are immune to normal weapons as a standard.
- His casting pattern is like this: Protection From Magic Weapons and Spell Trap in the first round then Time Stop. He will cast True Sight, Remove Magic, Death Spell in sequencers and then Symbol: Stun, Symbol: Fear and Symbol: Death. The Time Stop will wear off and he will then cast Wail Of The Banshee and a Contingency with Spell Turning and Mislead in it. He will then Shadow Door as his Mislead casts low level spells like Chaos and Dispel Magic. In the Shadow Door he will cast Fingers Of Death and some other mid level spells until you beat or dispel the Mislead. He will then casts random mid level spells like Flesh To Stone, Disintegrate, Domination, Fire Shield Red, Slow and Flame Arrow.
- During the first round, either run or Dispel his protections or using a Protection From Magic Scroll (From The Adventurer's Mart) and just stand there and pound on him. No spell he casts will affect you when you have the Protection From Magic on.
- If you are using the Protection From Magic scroll then have all other characters stand far from Kangaxx and use ranged weapons and let Kangaxx hopelessly throw spells at your main fighter.
- Similarly you can use Rage/Berserker with Minsc, Korgan or your Berserker or Barbarian.
- All you have to do is just wait the fight out and you'll beat him.
- When you do beat him, he will turn into Kangaxx The Demi-Lich.


Kangaxx The Demi-Lich
HP: 50, MR: Spell Ineffective, Exp: 55000
- He can be only be hit by +4 or better weapons
- Weapons in SoA which will work against Kangaxx: Improved Mace Of Disruption, Sling Of Everald, Staff Of Rynn, Staff Of The Magi, Staff Of Withering, Caromsyr, Cutthroat, Soulreaver, Crom Faeyr, Gesen Bow, Warblade, Boneblade, Dragon's Breath, Wave, Flametongue +1 (+4 Against Undead), Staff Of The Woodlands.
- Melf's Minute Meteors also work nicely. They're quick and +5.
- Ring Of The Ram will hit for about 18 HP of damage.
- Fire Elementals can also hit him.
- He will cast Demi-Lich Howl (Save or die) and then constantly cast no-touch Imprisonment.
- How to avoid Imprisonment: Use Berserker/Rage, Spell Immunity: Abjuration or a Protection From Magic scroll (Adventurer's mart).
- He has resistances to all types of damage so you'll only do 1-3 points of damage to him per hit.
- Have all other characters at the edge of the screen so Kangaxx will not notice and Imprison them.


HP: 98, APR: 1, Exp: 10000
- The game developers originally planned Illasera to be tougher but lowered her difficulty because a player can be just starting out with a new character without proper spells/equipment. Anyways she should be very easy.
- She starts out with Mirror Image followed by Greater Malison then Blindness and then she starts attacking with a Dagger +2.
- If you're a Thief, try putting a trap or so while the "Someone approaching warning" is showing. Use regular strategies and she should be easy. She has Boots of Speed and Elven Chain Mail Armor.
- Imported Game: If you are continuing from SoA then she will have three other characters (Named Black Reavers) to help her as well as her casting a few Symbol spells after casting Blindness. A fighter will be behind the party, and a fighter and archer will be on the left and right sides of Illasera. Have your missile weapons characters focus on Illasera while you remove the Black Reavers. Then Illasera will be easy to defeat.


HP: 122 (False forms), 182 (Real form), Exp: 18000
This fight is not hard, just a bit long. She will use several "Mirrors" of herself to attack. She is immune to backstab. Always try to keep a fighter type near the door as sometimes Drows will come in and help Sendai. They're not very hard so keep a fighter type there to hold them off.
-She starts out as a Cleric in the top right corner. Just quickly attack with melee and ranged weapons and you'll defeat this form before she can cast a spell.
-She will then appear at the other side of the screen as a Mage and two Drow fighters will appear near the door. You can have your party at the top of the screen attacking the Drows and not be noticed by her. When you walk towards the center, she will cast Fire Shield, Globe of Invulnerability, Improved Mantle, Protection from Fire and Mirror Image in Contingencies. If your party is all the way on top and she can't see them, then hide in shadows with a Thief/Stalker and walk up. She will cast True Sight. As she starts casting this then have your party come towards the center and attack while she is still casting. If you skip the True Sight part and she can see you after the set of Contingencies, she will then attempt to cast Time Stop. If she does (You don't disrupt her spell casting) she will cast Protection from Evil, Meteor Swarm and Gate. At this point I advise you to move out of range as she will fight with the Gated Pit Fiend. When she beats it, you can move your party towards the center and beat her.
-She will then turn into a dual wielding Thief at the bottom left corner and a Drow fighter and a Drow mage will appear near the door. She will proceed to drink a Potion of Invisibility and backstab the the nearest character. Have a strong fighter here or a mage with Stoneskin to absorb the backstab. Her melee skills in this form are decent but after her backstab attempt, she is easy to beat.
-She will then appear at the middle right corner as a dual wailing berserker fighter. Although powerful, just have a good fighter to face her and you should beat her quickly.
-She will then appear at the top center as a mage and a Drow fighter and a Drow mage will appear near the door. She will cast Spell Turning, Mislead and Improved mantle in a Contingency. A True Sight spell will work here and have a fighter melee her to beat her quickly. If you delay she will cast Sunfire and Maze.
-She will then turn into an Archer at the middle right corner and two Drow fighters will appear near the door. Get a fighter near her as quickly as you can because she will cast Call Shots and wreck your characters. She will also use Dimension Door a few times.
-She will then become an Assassin at the bottom center of the room and two Drow fighters will appear near the door. She will cast Poison Weapon so have a fighter near her. She is relatively slow so if you don't have a fighter character near her then just have her follow around a hasted character while your other characters use ranged weapons on her.
-She will then appear as her true self. Several Invisible Stalkers will appear and she will cast Protection from Magician Weapons. Basically she will continuously cast Summon Spiders and Animated Dead and Dimension Door around so she shouldn't be so hard. When she attacks your character must save or be Poisoned. Otherwise she is fairly simple.
- After beating her you get the Studded Leather Of Thorns +6 and some other items.


HP: 290 (Human), 200 (Dragon), MR: 65, Electricity: 100, APR: 3, Exp: 25000 (Human), 68000 (Dragon)
Abazigal has two forms. He starts out as a human being and after defeating this form, he will turn into a blue dragon.
-I suggest walking around the corners of the room and beating the Ice Salamanders hanging around so they won't bother you when you fight Abazigal.
- His human form is susceptible to traps and melee weapons. No arrows/bolts/bullets/darts will do damage to him. He will cast Hardiness and approach your characters. Have your fighter cats Hardiness also because he does a good amount of damage with the two handed sword he is wielding. If it's still a lot of damage, try summoning Mordankeinen Swords because Abazigal cannot damage these with his sword. After you beat this form, he will turn into a blue dragon.
-When he turns into a dragon he will cast Spell Turning and Remove magic in a Contingency. He will then cast a Spell Trigger with Improved Haste, Heal, Righteous Magic and Armor Of Faith. After this he will cast Dragon Fear, Lower Electric Resistance (On the closest character) and Wing Buffet (Knocks characters away). He will then cast Stoneskin and Earthquake and then attack your characters. I suggest letting him concentrate on your best fighter who should have a lot of protection from electricity (Potions of Insulation, Protection from Electricity spells). Try using Flail Of Ages and he will fall quickly because of the ability to slow opponents with it and also the extra damage will go through his Stoneskin. Trust me, I wrote this while fighting him with Korgan (Five points in Flail) and he went down extremely quickly. Keep all other characters away from the main fighter so when Abazigal casts Chain Lightning, they won't be affected (And his Chain Lightning does a lot of damage). Use Whirlwind, especially on Archer types (Minsc, Valygar etc.).
- Also try Mordankeinen Sword because they're immune to Abazigal's attacks.
-After beating him you'll get Gram The Sword Of Grief +5 (Two Handed Sword) and the Electric Flail Head.


Yaga Shura
HP: 150, Fire: 110, APR: 2, Exp: 30000
Before you can defeat him, you must remove his invincibility by visiting the Temple in the Forest Of Mir and talk to the woman there and follow through with the quest. He's one of the easiest of the The Five and can be defeated in two rounds if done right.
- Run through the area and across the bridge as fast as you can. Do not pause if fighters appear behind you. If you do then you'll be stuck in a continuous onslaught and just make your party weaker when you encounter Yaga Shura.
- Pause the game as soon as he appears and click on him to attack with as much people on ranged weapons as you can have then unpause. By the time he initiates his dialog there should be an arrow/bolt/bullet or magic missiles about to hit him.
- As soon as he finishes the dialog, at least one ranged attack will hit him (Unless you rolled all 1's) and he'll begin the other dialog and then retreat for a few rounds.
- When he disappears, position everyone near the wooden carts close together and hold down the fighters for a while.
- When he reappears, just concentrate on him. Ignore the other enemies.
- Melee him and Whirlwind/Greater Whirlwind with your warriors and archers. When the Whirlwind is finished, immediately pause and select another one.
- Let your Mages casts as many Magic Missiles, Flame Arrow, and other quick, damaging spells as they can at him. He has no MR. Use Sequencers if you have them.
- Let your Cleric/Druid cast Holy Smite, Call Lightning or Bolt Of Glory on him.
- The Cleric on his side might pose a problem for a few. If so, then have an archer deal with her or cast an Insect spell on her.
- He should fall in two to four rounds with minor damage done to your party (Mostly from the fighters behind your party attacking your casters) and give you the Rune Hammer and Shuruppak's Plate, two very nice items.