The Robe Of Venca by miscellaneous authors


By Paul Atriedes
Jon used to turn me to spaghetti
Now I throw spells just like confetti
Fireballs, missiles, Fingers of Death
All in one breath
So pick up twenty grand
Among the immortals you will stand
Remembering with enduring glee
When you heard Big Jon yell "You killed me!"


By Mordred
Jon Irenicus, a fearsome wizard indeed,
And to surpass him you will need,
An artifact of legend, tales of which,
Are scarce indeed, concerning a long dead lich,
Vecna was his name and adorned a cloak,
Into which his fearsome powers over eons did soak,
Aiding alacrity and providing moderate protection,
All too end up in a merchant's collection,
A sad ending for an item of unbridled power,
So buy it now and watch your enemies cower!


By Kivan
The robe, tis true! slow casting time
by minus four (please forgive this rhyme)
it has a bonus, in armor class
no longer will projectiles, through you pass
the magic resistance is quite a blessing
for in Dark Arts, you may be messing
and saving throws, why, look at the power
that you unleash upon the mad wizard's tower.
Such horrid poetry, that you did hear
was written in, my planar sphere!


By Enquillion
Worn by the fearsome Vecna for ages
It became a desirable item for mages
With Improved Alacrity they can have fun
While Robe of Vecna is acting minigun
Protects themselves from their own kind
With magic resistance kept in mind
They would never come to fear a fighter:
Protection of a chainmail, and so much lighter

Speeding up the Mages chants
Available at the Bonus Merchants
Get a hold of some gold
And stories of you will for ages be told...