Various Poems by Snook The Mighty


Tanty Clause The Lim Lim Camping Song Do you Know The Lim Lim
Those Who Love Stone To Maintain the Balance: The Ballad of Aslyn  


Tanty Clause

Let me tell you of the drow called Tanty Clause. Bringer of gifts to all the evil little drow boys and girls.

He sees you when you're sleeping
He knows when you're awake
He knows when you're plotting discontent
So plot for Lloth's sake

Here comes Tanty Clause
Here comes Tanty Clause
Right down Menzoberanzen way

He's got toys
For the girls and boys
Right there in his sleigh

He's got a list
And he checks it twice
To see who's been naughty and nice

Evil drow
Get to keep their soul
But poison for the nice

The Lim Lim Camping Song

15 lim lims in 5 fir trees
What ever shall we do
With the funny little things
What ever shall we do
With the funny little things

Eat them alive
Cook'em in a pot
Burn'em in the trees
Make'em hot hot hot

Blow the coals
Untill eyes blaze
And bones crack
Fan the flames
Till skin turns black

15 lim lims in 5 fir trees
What ever shall we do
With the funny little things
What ever shall we do
With the funny little things

Do you Know The Lim Lim

See the little Lim Lim
Isn't the Lim Lim sweet
But I bet you didn't know
You're what they like to eat

They act so cute and cudely
Never letting on
That they are quite deadly
They'de gladly take your arm

They'll jump up and eat your face
They'll nibble on your ear
They'll save your eyes for last
These they hold most dear

They'll eat your dog and cat
They'll eat your baby too
The only good place for a Lim Lim
Is the bottom of your shoe

Don't be fooled my friends
When you here Piyo Piyo
That means feeding time
And you better go

Those Who Love Stone

Away from the Light
Of Sun and Moon
In caverns old
And full of gloom

There lives a People
Who carve the Stone
In search of Metals
To claim as their own

For Ages untold
In a place so cold
They mine the Earth
For a trace of Gold

Chains of Mithril
And Silver wire
They meld together
In forge of fire

Armors grand
And weapons bold
Sheilds strong
They craft with skill
That is theirs alone

The deep tones
Of anvils ring
The sturdy men
Their voices sing

In praise of Clan
In praise of kin
In praise of Thane
With bearded chin

The hammers rang
The hammers fell
Their song rang true
Like the purest bell

They labor hard
They labor long
Their faith in their Gods
Was ever strong

In caverns deep
In caverns old
There live a people
Who love the Stone

Warrior Born

From Valleys deep
And Mountains old
Comes the Warrior
His Sorrow untold

Born inside Caverns cold
His comeing was fortold
Eyes of Fire and heart of Stone
Body of Steel he walks alone

His father Sun his mother Moon
His gaze holds the promise of doom
Sword if Ice and boots of Lead
All that cross him winde up dead

He wanders the World
In search of a man
His mission vengeance
For a murderd Land

The Stranger came with words of peace
His true intentions brought all to greif
He summoned fiends and creatures Foul
His only goal to maim and kill

The Warriors family he did slay
The Warriors love he took away
The Warriors village turned to rot
The Warriors people put in the cooking pot

The Warrior returned he was to late
He could not have forseen their fate
He raged to the heavens and creid to the sky
Why was he alone not meant to die

No answer came
No vision revealed
He gatherd his weapons
He gatherd his sheild

He vowed to find the Dark Stranger
He learned the ways of the Ranger
He slays all who get in his way
He only thinks of the Day

When at his feet
The Stranger lyes
He lives for the moment
That the Stranger dies

He dreams of his blade
Turned dark red
He longs to for the chance
To take his head

To tear out his heart
As was done to him
For no more
Than a passing whim


To Maintain the Balance
The Ballad of Aslyn

Betwixt the world
Of Elf and Man
The Warrior Mage
His name is Aslyn

Armor of Mythril
Words of Spell
Blade of Crystal
Strong of Will

Code of conduct
In his Soul
Life of Honor
All he knows

Between Light and Dark
The Yin and Yang
The Balance of Good and Evil
He strives to maintain

Heart of Night
And Heart of Day
The Balance of Both
He must weigh

In search of Mother
And Father's name
Protecter of Elanire
And Evil Drow's Bane

Keeper of Oaths
And trusted freind
To retain Honor
Untill the bitter end

To become a Knight
And strengthen his Soul
To protect the balance
These are his goals

Taught by Mage
Mentor of Grey
Skills honed by time
Spent as mercenary

Dragonette Bond
In his Soul
His Family's Fate
He strives to know

To wander the Lands
To journey and Quest
As long as the scale swings
He will never rest