The Blinded Soul by Snook The Mighty


There once was a Prince who grew up alone even though he was surrounded by family and friends. You see this Prince's Soul was blind.

As he grew up he lamented not having friends to play with, "If only I had some playmates who liked me" he lamented. "We like you your highness" his friends replied. "You only say that because you serve my family and hope for a position in the castle". The Prince's Soul could not see the sincerity in their heart, you see it was blind.

As a young man he lamented not having a woman who loved him. "Why can't I find a women who loves me?" he would cry. "But Prince I do love you!" the ladies would tearfully reply. "No you love my crown and cry because I see your intentions" he said. You see the Prince's Soul was blind and could not see the tears of love in their eyes.

As an old man, alone in his castle he awaited the coming of death. "It will be good to die and end this misery." He said, and began recounting all the lamentations of his life. Death heard this and came for him, but before taking him he spoke. "Foolish mortal, you have had everything you ever wanted at the tips of your fingers. But because you could not look outside of yourself you blinded your Soul. Your playmates did like you, you could have had love. It was you who could not feel for others, not them who could not feel for you."

The old man wept upon hearing this for he knew it to be true. "Sweet death, only now in the end do I understand my folly." He cried out brokenly. "I wish to go now, and not feel this pain any longer."
"Very well, as you wish mortal." And with those words death took him. You see the Soul of the Prince was blind.