Blade by Avi Syn (MysticSyn)

This story is based on my Blade's journal as I played through BG2: SoA. A few things have been changed from the story line to make the story more realistic. Also some parts are left out and some are stressed. This is so I can keep the story shorter and not have to bore the reader with minor details.


Chapter 1

Footsteps approaching. I lied cold and silent on the hard floor, listening to the sounds getting closer. It has been several days that I have been in this room...Or several months. I don't know. I got up on my feet, disillusioned, frail and very weak. I opened my eyes, an excruciating task, to see the blurry outline of a muscular man.
"Ahhh the child of Bhaal has awoken. It is time for more...Experiments."
The words echoed in my mind. Upon trying to open my eyes wider in order to see clearer, a small fireball hit my feet. I flinched. It would not have hurt so much, but my body was bruised and scarred in several places.
"The pain will only be passing. You should survive the process."
With these words, I heard a faint thundering and within a split second, a bolt of lightning struck my shoulders, sending me collapsing to the ground in pain. I rose back up using what tiny bit of strength I had.
"Interesting. You have much untapped power."
A second blast of fire hit my feet, tossing me to the cold, hard floor. I wanted to get up, but didn't. Logic worked a few times in my life, playing against my pride. I stayed down, pretending to be unconscious, saving my energy for when it is needed the most.
"Do you even realize your potential?"
Thundering footsteps approached as he finished his sentence.
"More intruders have entered the complex, master."
"A louder voice, for a loud footstep." I thought.
"They act sooner than we had anticipated. No matter, they will only prove a slight delay."
I fainted with the conversation and the sound of what seemed to be hooves fading away in the distance.

"Wake up you! Wake up! Come on, we have to get out of here"
A familiar voice, I thought, but where...Imoen! I opened my eyes and gazed at what had to be the most beautiful thing I have seen in days, or months. I still don't know. She had opened my lock and was now smiling at me, as I slowly got up to my feet. I felt a new strength in me to match my freedom. Her look turned to one of concern. She begin to speak of daggers in her head and mentioned armor and weapons in a nearby room as I regained my composure and strength to its maximum extent. As I stepped out of the small cage, my first thoughts were of my companions who were locked in this room as well. I turned my body and sighed as I saw the figures of Minsc and Jahiera standing in their cages, a look of excitement and relief on their faces. Imoen and I hurried towards Minsc's cage. We tried to unlock the door but needed keys. Imoen quickly suggested the armor room, so we turned and proceeded in that direction.
Upon arrival, we became very quiet as we noticed a tall Golem standing guard in the armor room. It stood motionless with a blank stare in its eyes. We quietly grabbed some armor, weapons and a key for the jail cells. Imoen found a magical dagger and some healing potions behind a trapped picture. We edged out of the room and went back to our companions.
Misnc was enraged because we couldn't find a key for his cage. He began to scream with rage and jerking at the bars. He pulled with all his might and eventually broke the lock. Our capturers obviously underestimated him. Minsc's rage became relief as he walked out of the cage laughing. He thought we purposely made him angry so he can break free. His pet hamster, Boo, appeared on his shoulder as we proceeded to Jahiera's cage and gave a loud squeak. We quickly freed Jahiera and all of us donned appropriate armor and weapons and proceeded to the only exit we saw.
We entered a hall litered with fallen bodies in hoods. Up ahead there was a strange machine humming and cackling with electricity. The sparks gleamed off my long sword and bounced to Minsc's armor and glittered on the two handed sword he held, waiting for an attack. I looked at Jahiera and Imoen, a Spear and a Dagger in their hands respectively. We cautiously walked to the room.