Mods/Game Additions
Here you will find links to additional romances, mods, tools portraits, sound sets, custom items and other stuff.
Beat the game at least once before trying some of these these.
If you can't find what you want here, then I suggest you visit B20's BG2 & ToB Links Central for a comprehensive list of links to numerous BG2 websites.
Mini/Item Mods
My Custom Items
Custom Items




Additional Characters/Romances

Soulafein Review

Makes him a joinable character who can romance a male or female of any race. He's a Fighter/Mage and has a few tough quests.

Nalia Romance Review Very nice mod which allows a male character to romance her. Read the info on the download page for race and classes info.
Taisha Review A new Sorceress for SoA/ToB who can join your party and is also a romance option. This character is complete with sounds etc. The website has more info.
Kelsey Review A new Sorcerer (Male, Human, Neutral Good) who is also a romance option. He has many sounds, a lot of interactions and items. He works in SoA and ToB but will have more ToB updates later on.
Scarab And Callista Review Male and female Assassins who are also romance options. They have sounds and dialogs.
Valen Review This mod adds her as a Chaotic Evil Fighter/Thief who has Vampric powers. She's not conversation heavy but does have many abilities at her disposal.



Tower Of Iron Will SoA This is a new mod along the lines and size of The Darkest Day. It looks very promising
The Darkest Day SoA This adds a bunch of quests to the game. It has like 46 quest, 9 new characters to join your party and much more.
Epic Endeavours SoA Completely changes the story and quests of SoA and adds new creatures, items and areas.
David Gaider's Ascension ToB This is an extra expansion for ToB which was created by one of the ToB designers. It makes ToB bosses harder.
WeiDU's Ascension ToB This is the same as david Gaider's except it comes in a smaller package and installs quickly. It also fixes a few bugs
WeiDU's Baldurdash Remix Mod SoA/ToB This is a collection of bug fixes from Baldurdash and other websites put into the trusty WeiDU format
WeiDU's Tactical Mod SoA/ToB This mod adds a few things that makes the game more challenging such as tougher Bhodi, golems and much more
WeiDU's Item Upgrade SoA/ToB Cromwell and Cespenar upgrade more items
WeiDU's Ease Of Use SoA/ToB Changes game rules to make the game more bearable to BG II veterans
Company of Eight SoA/ToB Adds new items, enemies and scripts
Freedom's Reign SoA/ToB/TDD A bunch of new items, creatures and stores
Reign Of Virtue ToB Same author of Freedom's Reign but adds more stuff if you have ToB
Improved Bhaal Powers ToB Gives characters powers when you beat the Abbys challenges
Improved Illasera ToB Makes her an Archer as the game was originally planned and a bit harder
Improved Gromnir ToB Adds new monsters, scripts and abilities to the fight
Improved Yaga-Shura ToB Adds more enemies, scripts and makes it harder to beat him
Improved Demigorgon ToB Makes him as hard as the programmers intended
Improved Abagizal ToB Adds a few extra dragons and makes this battle harder
Improved Balthazar ToB Makes him harder and gives him and his students some extra powers
Expanded Thief Stronghold SoA/ToB This adds some extra quests to the Thief stronghold. This website also has some fixes and other mini mods


Mini/Item Mods

Corrected Grand Mastery Patch SoA/ToB This fixes the Grand Mastery 'problem' with Baldur's Gate 2. When a character uses five proficiency slots in a weapon moving from four to five is supposed to reduce THAC0 with that weapon by one, increase attacks per round from 3/2 (1.5) to 2, and increase damage by 1. (Thanks B20).
GM Patch + Contiued 0.5 Attack Gain Every 7 Levels SoA/ToB Same as above plus adds 1/2 attacks every seven levels for warrior types - (7), (13), 19, 25, 31, 37, 43, 49. (Thanks B20).
Greater Wolfwere Ring Fix SoA/ToB This fixes the bug where the Greater Wolfwere gains extra regeneration effects making them very hard to kill. This fix is not retroactive so if you have already encountered the Greater Wolwere you will have to reload a save from before you first encountered it, for this fix to work. (It will also work on any future encounters). A saved game has been provided with a screenshot of the glitch. (Thanks B20 and Cirneth).
'Of Protection' Items With Magical Armour Mod SoA/ToB This tweak eliminates the "This item cannot be equipped due to other magical equipment you are using" 'problem' so that items of protection +X can be used with magical armour. (Thanks B20).
Red Dragon Scale Mod ToB This tweak eliminates the "This item cannot be equipped due to other magical equipment you are using" 'problem' in ToB where Red Dragon Scale armour can no longer be equipped with items of protection +X. (Thanks B20).



ShadowKeeper A very nice tool to modify character stats, items and variables
Brent Knowles' ScriptW A script editor from one of BG2's developers
Westly Weimer's Dialogue Compiler This tool can be used to read the dialogue file and write it as a text file. You can also make your own dialogues file with it



Kirith's Portrait Gallery This page has a huge set of pics for all races and genders
Kary's Gaming Page If you're looking for erotic portraits, this page has a few
Sorcerers.Net Portraits Page There is a good amount of AD&D and BG2 related portraits here (Scroll down) BG Downloads Very nice set of portraits here
Lady Nightshade's Custom Portraits Her gallery is back with the huge set of portraits for every race and class
Billy Yank's Photo Portraits This website has numerous portraits from fantasy movies and tv shows such as LOTR and Xena
The Portrait Portal Portraits of celebrities modified to look like fantasy pictures


Sound Sets

Sorcerers.Net Sound Set Page There are many sound sets here such as Annah, Sarevok, Dak'kon and much more BG Sounds Page A few sound sets can be found here


Misc Stuff

BG1 Font This is the font from BG1. I'm still looking for the BG2/ToB font. It's called Chicago I think. If anyone has it then e-mail it to me.