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Here you'll find custom items made by me as well as some submitted by others. I will organize the items into categories as the collection gets bigger.
Other Custom Items


My Custom Items

Nyru's Troll Slayer Sling +2 Extra attack per round, One point of fire damage on each hit
Nyru's Blade Buster Scimitar +3 +2 AC bonus against piercing and slashing weapons, 33% chance of knocking the enemy's weapon out of thier hands.
Enhanced Short Sword Of Backstabbing Short Sword +3 One extra backstab modifier
Nyru's Hybrid Chain Robe Elven Chain Mail/Robe For Mages: 10% MR, Decrease spell casting time by 1, AC 2 (As requested)
Nyru's Dagger Dagger +3 For Mages: Three attacks per round (As requested)
Nyru's Blade Chain Elven Chain For Bards: Immunity To Normal Weapons, +2 THAC0 bonus, -1 Spell casting time bonus, Designed for ToB (As requested)
Nyru's Necromantic Blade Bastard Sword +3 33% Chance of casting Vampric Touch unless opponent save vs spell, 33% Chance of casting Energy Drain unless opponent save vs spell
Nyru's Undead Hunter Bracers +1 THAC0, Negative Plane Protection (As requested)
Nyru's Spellweaving Leather Leather Armor 10% MR, -1 Spell casting time, AC 4 (As requested)
Nyru's Spellcasting Plate Plate Mail For Fighter/Mages: Spellcasting while equipped, Improved haste twice per day, Tenser's Transformation once per day (As requested)
Nyru's Brash Hand Club +4 Each hit causes the target to recieve a -2 THAC0 penalty and -1 Dexterity unless opponent saves vs spell
Nyru's Second Love Ring For Sorcerers and Mages (Non multi/dual class): +10% MR, Extra 4th, 5th and 6th level spell, Spell Trap once per day
Nyru's Asp Maker Quickslot Create five Asp's Nest once per day
Staff of Holy Vitriolix QuarterStaff +2 Removes 2 HP from target and adds it to wielder on each successful hit, Mass Cure once per day (As requested)
Mighty Mace of Anodar Two handed Mace +4 2D4 bonus crushing damage per hit, 3D4 bonus damage per hit on golems, 25% chance of stunning target for one round (As requested)
Power Bracers Bracers For Mages/Sorcerers: 6 extra spells per level (!) (As requested)


Custom Items

Troubadors Mantle
By Mhydrian
Armor For Bards: Enhanced Charisma, Immune to Charm, Bonuses: +25% Resistance to Fire,Electricity, Acid, Cold and Magic, +30 to pickpockets bonus, Regenerate one hitpoint every twelve seconds, Armor Class: 1
Rivale's Helm
By Mhydrian
Helm For Bards: Extra 1 attack per round, +3 THAC0 Bonus, 12% HP Bonus, Rivale's Gift (Special battlecry)
Ring of Slumber
By Mhydrian
Ring +2 Intelligence, Once per day the user can envoke a party affecting slumber. The casters restore spells and all other effects that sleep normally would include, occur.
Poisoned Parrying Dagger
By Mhydrian
Dagger +2 Armor Class, 40% chance of additional poison damage 1 per second for 6 seconds, 10% chance of short lasting paralysis
Pox of Fates
By Mhydrian
Armor Take only 1/3 damage from physical attacks, +4 luck, 40% increase in speed, stealth and hide, 8% THAC0 bonus
Hulk Plate
By Mhydrian
Armor Reduced Dexterity, Movement speed and Thaco, Immune to fear and hold spells, 35% Magic Resistance, Immune to backstab, Reduced Physical Damage, Armor Class: -12
Gigantic Zweihander
By Sanjuro~
Two Handed Sword +1 (+4) +4 When determining what it can hit, -1 AC penalty, 25% chance of Vorpal Hit (Save vs Death at -4 or die), requires 19 strength
By Sanjuro~
Long Sword +2 (+4) +4 When determining what it can hit, +2 Cold damage, +2 Electricity, +2 Fire Damage, Immune to Charm and Domination
By Sanjuro~
Halberd +4 5% Chance of Improved Haste cast on wielder, 10% Chance of Vorpal Hit (Save vs Death at -4 or die)
By Sanjuro~
Two Handed Sword +5 For Neutral/Evil Fighters: 10% Chance of summoning Undead to serve wielder, 15% Chance of casting Insect Swarm on opponent
By Sanjuro~
Katana +4 Drains 1-4 hit points from target to wielder, 10% Chance upon striking user will be enraged for 3 seconds inflicting a critical hit with each attack
Short Sword Of Darkness
By Loké
Short Sword +3 Each successful hit heals wielder 4 HP, 40% chance of Level Drain unless save vs death at -3
Half Life
By Loké
Long Sword +3 Free Action, Regenerate 1 HP every four seconds, +1 AC bonus. Has two 'modes', the second of which has a 20% chance of halving the target's hit points going down to a minimum of fifty hitpoints for twenty seconds, but will only do 1D4 damage.
By Dan Ferry
Short Sword +5 Protection From Level Drain, +2 Acid, +2 Magic Cold
By Dan Ferry
Short Sword +5 Mirror Image once per day, +2 Electric, +2 Magic Fire
Alternate White Dragon Scales
By B20
Armor This an improved version of the armor found in ToB. It removes many of the magical restrictions