Wow Screenshots

Bruisers quickly own someone trying to attack innocent ol me

Cute birdy. I'll stay far from that for now

I watched as this afk orc gets crept up on by a 40+ elite giant

Half of clan hex takes a group photo before going raiding

Photo from different angle

Tauren desecration...

...Who quickly get reinforcements

Take on Rexxar and Misha, both level 60 elites? CHARGE!

Syn walks with the big boys *Ahembugofsomesortahem*

Mexican standoff

Gnomes are damn gorgeous...

Ready to launch Thors...FIRE!

Debuffs + Lots of red > Thors

Owned on the peer

I think Clan Oathbound likes us

My troll in OB

My troll in OB with the uber gosu WRENCH OF DOOM

Clan hex marches into Ratchet..

...And quickly gets some attention


Mounted from another angle