Jahiera Romance Guide
This page contains detailed information on the romances available in the game. Currently there is only a guide for Jahiera but I'll try to post guides for Aerie, Viconia and Anomen. Many thanks to Lennon for doing the Jahiera guide.


What is a romance?
You can have romantic dialog interactions with certain characters in the game. By answering according to their personalities, you can form a relationship with them. This adds realism to the game, make the joinable characters more realistic and gives extra quests in some cases. You can romance either Jahiera, Aerie, Viconia or Anomen.

What are the requirements to start a romance?
Your character's race and gender are checked to start a relationship. The following chart details the requirements for each romance:

Jahiera Male Human, Elven, Half-Elf or Halfling (Not confirmed yet)
Aerie Male Human, Elven, Half-Elf
Viconia Male Human,Elven , Half-Elf or Half-Orc (Intended but not implemented. Get the patch from Baldurdash)
Anomen Female Human, Elven, Half-Elf