Keyboard Cheats

I've tried to map out all the keyboard cheat keys but there are a few missing. If you have any that is not here, then e-mail it to me.


Type CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys(). Then try these:

CTRL + 0  
CTRL + 1 Something about Armor Level
CTRL + 2 Hold to darken the area
CTRL + 3 Starts dark and becomes regular
CTRL + 4 Certain areas are highlighted in blue like clickable areas
CTRL + 5 Shows what the selected character is weilding and some other stuff
CTRL + 6 Change character's appearance cycling forward (I was playing as a soldier, Bhodi, Irenicus and a rabbit)
CTRL + 7 Change character's appearance cycling backwards (Note: You just look like them. You don't have their moves)
CTRL + 8  
CTRL + 9 Shows collision boxes I think (Area which the character is "Reachable" for a hit)
CTRL + A  
CTRL + B Increase the speed of the character the cursor is on
CTRL + C Shows a circus movie (SoA) and show Nalia's ending (ToB)
CTRL + D Displays some numbers at the top of the screen (FPS I think)
CTRL + E  
CTRL + F Rotate the selected character a bit
CTRL + G Shows the name of the loaded area
CTRL + H Wild surges (You need to restart the game to remove this)
CTRL + I Make characters interact/speak to each other
CTRL + J Teleport selected character to where the cursor is
CTRL + K Removes selected character from the party (Including main character)
CTRL + L Shows the Mind Flayer swirly thingy spell effect where the cursor is or some other random spell effect
CTRL + M Shows the item name of the selected character's equipped weapon (SoA) and weather info (ToB)
CTRL + N Makes the screen red
CTRL + O Center screen on selected character
CTRL + P  
CTRL + Q Adds the character the cursor is on to your party (Dragons, Lichs etc)
CTRL + R Heals selected characters
CTRL + S  
CTRL + T Advance game time by one hour
CTRL + U Highlight storage areas (Like the Tab button)
CTRL + V  
CTRL + X Shows cursor, tile and area location and information
CTRL + Y Does about 1000 HP of damage on the character the cursor is on